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Off-Road VS On-Road

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As 4WDrivers we all know that choosing your next set of 4WD tyres can be a bit of a dilemma. This is something you need to get right. After all you will probably be driving on them over the next 50,000kms to 100,000kms.


As well as how they wear, your choice will also determine your 4WDs capabilities on and off the road. The trick to picking the right type of tyre for you is to personally and realistically asses your application and how you currently use and intend to use your 4WD.


One day the perfect 4WD tyre that suits every application will roll into our lives. Aggressive yet quiet, with excellent on road handling and plenty of bite off road and able to cut through the stickiest mud and float across the finest sand. Until this day comes it is all a bit of a compromise. There are 3 categories of 4WDrivers. In each category there is a type of tyre that would best suit your application.


The Light Off-Roader

Predominantly an on road driver, the Light Off-Roader enjoys a comfortable and quiet tyre that will chew up those bitumen miles with ease. Most suited to a Highway Terrain style tyre, the Light Off-Roader will mostly navigate on-road with the occasional light off-road trail or beach driving on weekends.


Suggested patterns for this driving style are: Cooper H/T, SRX and HT3.


The Weekend Off-Roader

Your 4WD is your daily drive so you need to make sure your tyres are smooth and perform exceptionally for the daily grind yet, when holidays or the weekend rolls around the adventure spirit kicks in and it is time to hit the tracks. If this is you then an All-Terrain style tyre is the way to go.  These are versatile yet reliable tyres suited for all kinds of terrain. Packed with features applied to both on and off-road driving the All-Terrain is a great all-rounder.


Suggested patterns for this driving style are: Cooper LTZ and A/T3.


The Serious Off-Roader

All you know about bitumen is what it sits on, rock, dirt, gravel and mud. You take your rig regularly off-road and when you do you need a tyre that can withstand the harshest conditions. Aggressive All-Terrains or Mud Terrains also known as Super Traction Tyres are built tough. These are a predominantly off-road tyre featuring high void tread patterns for extra traction. With an open tread pattern you will tend to lose some on road comfort and performance.


Suggested patterns for this driving style are: Cooper S/TMAXX and STT PRO.


Which 4WDriver are you?

While we would all like to think we are, or will become Serious Off-Roaders it is important to make sure you make the right decision and choose a tyre that will realistically suit your application. Remember both Highway and All-Terrain patterns still have excellent potential off-road. For instance, you can’t beat a Highway Terrain tyre when it comes to performance on sand. Have a think about how you currently use your4WD and what you intend to do with it ‘down the track’ so to speak. After all, your 4WD tyres are a pretty big investment and are there to enhance and excite your driving experience on and off the road. Choose your 4WD tyres wisely and you won’t be disappointed.

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