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  • 5 Australian Road Trips

    5 Australian Road Trips

    Don’t you love taking a scenic road trip with friends and family, and seeing some of the best scenery this country has to offer? Here are 5 great road trips that you should consider for your next adventure.

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  • Top 4WD Tracks

    Top 4WD Tracks

    There’s nothing like taking your 4x4 to an off road trail with some buddies, and letting loose. Here we are going to highlight a track that’s a must to check out in each state.

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  • Coolest Holiday Parks for Kids

    Coolest Holiday Parks for Kids

    Splash zones, waterslides and outdoor cinemas; these holiday parks are the perfect place for family fun this summer.

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  • New Zealand Cooper Mustang National Tour

    New Zealand Cooper Mustang National Tour

    The Cooper Tires New Zealand team unleashed our newest promo vehicle onto the roads of New Zealand to put the new UHP RS3-G1 tyre to the ultimate test.

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  • Setting Up Your First 4WD For Adventure

    Setting Up Your First 4WD For Adventure

    When setting up a 4WD, you pretty well have the choice of going anywhere from mild to wild as far as what you do to it. But as today’s 4WDs are pretty well ready off the showroom floor to tackle beach runs, National Park tracks and dirt roads in general, you don’t have to outlay huge amounts of money if that’s all you’re going to be doing. Check out our tips for setting up your 4WD for adventure!

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  • Cooper Tires: Tested and Proven in 4WD Paradise

    Cooper Tires: Tested and Proven in 4WD Paradise

    Australia is the ultimate 4WD destination. No matter what terrain you love driving on, Australia has something to offer you. The Kimberley region is a great example of the extreme variations of terrain across Australia. It is made up of diverse landscapes ranging from, lush tropically vegetated river gorges, aqua-blue seas, lush tropical water holes, vast savannah woodlands, rainforests and open plains.

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  • Best Winter Caravanning Locations

    Best Winter Caravanning Locations

    With Winter just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your big Winter trip. It is a great time to travel as the crowds have died down and there are so many quality caravanning destinations just waiting for you to roll up.

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