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Find out how you can compare tyre mileage and savings below!


For you to be able to make an informed decision on your tyre purchase, just follow these easy steps:


1. Get the treadwear rating of the two tyres you want to compare. 2.  Get the price of each tyre, eg. the Cooper® CS5, and other brand tyre.   3.  Do the maths. Follow the steps below to investigate.


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Question Mark  How much more mileage will I get from Cooper® tyres?

Cooper UTQG More Mileage


Question Mark  How much extra money will I have to spend on other brand tyres to get the same mileage?

Cooper UTQG Extra Money

Question Mark  How much money will I save with Cooper® tyres?

Cooper UTQG Save


You'll also save time with less trips to the tyre shop, and help the environment by reducing the amount of tyres disposed of every year.


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