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Grip To The Road

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When safety and savings matter, you can rely on Cooper Tires®.

Did you know your tyres are the single most important safety feature on your vehicle – after all they are the only point of contact with the road. Worn, damaged or simply more economically priced tyres can jeopardise how your car or SUV handles the road, increasing the risk of an accident, and compromises on stopping distance. Not to mention that your car or SUV’s state-of-the art braking system and smart features need tyres that have the strength, grip and tread depth to ensure it can make the most of its safety features.


So, when it comes to buying tyres to keep you and your family safe there are a few things that you should consider:


1. The Right Tyre for Your Vehicle and Lifestyle

When designing a car, the manufacturer puts a significant amount of thought into tyre and wheel sizes to ensure maximum performance and safety. Buying the wrong sized tyre for your vehicle or wheel creates both performance and safety issues. When looking for your next set of tyres, you should take into consideration how you intend to use your vehicle - do you plan on going off-road, or driving mostly to and from work or school pick-ups with some weekend driving to getaway? The wrong tyre can seriously impact your comfort and safety. Hence why it's so important to talk to the tyre experts - either here at Cooper Tires® or at your local tyre store or mechanic.


2. Grip Performance

A poor grip can result in reduced braking time, skidding and a general reduction in stability and control. So when considering your next set of tyres, looking for tyres that don't sacrifice grip, in both wet and dry conditions is paramount. Cooper® car and SUV tyres use the latest advances in tyre technology, meaning you don't have to sacrifice grip and stability for fuel efficiency, longevity and value for money.


3. Tread, Carcass, Compound

With Cooper's unique tread design, industry leading compound (using chemically-coupled silica and other technological advances) in tyres across the car and SUV range, you can have complete confidence that your tyres will stop sooner in an emergency than any other leading brand.


Make sure you ask your tyre guy or mechanic about your tyre's carcass (or how the tyre was built - think foundation of a house... but for tyres). Your tyre's carcass accounts for up to 70% of its performance. Cooper Tires® has developed a specific construction design to meet the requirements of today's car and SUV drivers - meaning we've made it our priority to make sure your vehicle's tyres provide a safe, comfortable ride for the life of the tyre - not just the first 10,000KMs. 


You can rely on Cooper® to keep you and your family safe. 

See the results for yourself, we tested our ATT against a Maxxis and Yokohama and pulled up better in:

• Braking in wet and dry conditions

• Stability around corners (G-Force)

• Emergency lane changes and defensive maneuvers


Watch the videos below to see how the ATT measures up against competing tyres AND learn about how Cooper's industry leading technology means our car and SUV tyres provide a safe, comfortable ride in all conditions. 




Here's how you can save more $ over time with Cooper®

Cooper® car and SUV tyres are made stronger -  lasting up to 2.7 times longer than other brands^, and most of our tyre range comes with an Australia wide guarantee of up to 80,000kms* or in other words, roughly driving five times around Australia. Still not convinced? Let's look at it this way, the average passenger vehicle travels 36.4km per day or 13,301km per year, meaning on average a set of Cooper® tyres could last you up to 6 years compared to the 3 to 5 years on ordinary tyres. Making a saving in time and money!


Cooper® makes it easier to budget for your next set of tyres.

With Wear Square™ indicators, Cooper Tires® gives you the ability to see not only when your tyres need realigning for a more even tread wear but also when they need replacing - making it super easy to budget for your next set of tyres. That's confidence you can see! Check out the Wear Square™ video below to learn how you can get even more value from your next set of Cooper® car and SUV tyres. 


Want to learn how you can compare car and SUV tyres and why you should? Watch the video below.




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*Ts & Cs apply for Mileage Guarantee

^ For SUV and 4WD comparisons agains OE tyres on new vehicles, the information we have relied on is information published by the relevant competitor as at 24/06/2020 and is updated weekly.

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