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Tim and Sharon

Our Cooper Tires have saved the day almost too many times to count

We’ve been running on Cooper S/T Maxx tyres for the last 5 years, and they have successfully taken us all over; North America, Mexico, Canada and halfway around Australia. Their well-made ruggedness means we have yet to experience a tyre failure. This, despite having driven approximately 20,000 miles on unsealed roads, including some of the most badly-corrugated roads that you could ever find here in Australia.


Since our 1995 Range Rover Classic is not only our vehicle, but our home as well, we take our vehicle gear very seriously, which is why we choose Cooper Tires. 

Our Cooper Tires have saved the day almost too many times to count, as we often drive on unsealed roads over long distances and in very remote areas. However, there was one specific instance here in Australia that was particularly noteworthy.


While driving the remote Gibb River Road a 4-inch steel rod impaled one of the tyres, but did not make it into the tyre casing. If we had been rolling on sub-standard tyres that rod may have caused the tyre to fail, and we would have had to change it in extreme heat and other conditions that are definitely not ideal, or even safe.


In fact, we have saved that rod and we keep it in our vehicle to remind ourselves of just how quickly disaster can befall a driver. 

Our Cooper S/T Maxx tyres have never let us down, no matter what type of road we throw at them, or what type of conditions we drive them in.