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Steve 'Starlo' Starling

They cope with anything I throw at them.

Out in the bush, they cope with anything I throw at them. On the blacktop they have great handling. Wet or dry.


By the end of my first month with these great tyres I had fallen completely in love with them. I’ve crossed Australia from south to north and back again. I’ve relocated to Darwin and travel the rough bush tracks throughout Arnhem Land and beyond. They cope with anything I throw at them out in the bush while still being a civilised tyre on the blacktop, with minimal highway noise and great handling in wet and dry conditions. These tyres give me extraordinary confidence.

There is a road that, with my old tyres, used to shake my fillings out. Now, once I drop the tyre pressure, I can actually listen to my CDs without them skipping and jumping.

I picked a poor line out of a river crossing and got badly hung up on some exposed rocks. An army of Grey Nomads materialised from the bush with all manner of snatch straps, shackles, winches and lift bags. I politely waved them off, climbed out of the Hilux, kicked a couple of loose stones in under the airborne front wheel, climbed back in and simply drove forward out of the tight spot. I never even raised a sweat!


They have some serious gouges in the sidewall but they don’t miss a beat. I only check their pressure every couple of months. It never deviates. I can’t speak highly enough of my Cooper tyres. They just keep doing their stuff.


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