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Rob Mottershead

I will be choosing the A/T3’s again without hesitation.

I am a self-employed plasterer with 8 staff on various jobs from working in the CBD to rural areas and the Coopers also handle our trips away towing our caravan and camping equipment.


Firstly I need a tyre that has great wall strength as being a tradie, I often have large loads of scaffold and materials in and on my 2011 Ford Ranger...the wall strength on Cooper tyres stop body roll especially with loads on the roof rack.


As most people are aware, job sites can get pretty ugly from mud and slush to rock and the odd nail/screw. Again the Coopers are great in this application as they are almost puncture resistant and even on the one time I did get a large roofing screw through the tread, it was an easy fix. As for the mud and slush, it's no surprise to tell you that the self-cleaning ability of these tyres is amazing compared to other leading brands of tyre I have used.

I have used other brands previously to using these A/T3's and the problems I have experienced is uneven wear/fast wear and bad road noise. My Ford Ranger is currently showing nearly 157000 k’s and my Coopers still haven’t hit the tread wear indicator and the wear is even on all tyres.

Having said the above I will be choosing the A/T3's again without hesitation.