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Rob Boegheim

In my view the new Cooper S/TMaxx is the best all-terrain tyre Australia’s ever seen. I just love ‘em!

Given that we’ve been GPS mapping the Outback for over 15 years and have mapped over 250,000km of roads and tracks, you could say we go out of our way to simply ‘get it right’. The team at Cooper Tires are the same with their relentless focus on new product development.


Normally all terrain tyres are a compromise but not the new ST Maxx. They’ve thrown everything at this one – low-chip compound, big open tread, tougher sidewalls, plus even better grip and more precise steering direction. All of that and still surprisingly quiet on the bitumen.


Outback Australia has some of the hardest rocks on earth and they are often used to line our outback roads and tracks. That was brought home on a recent trip down the Strzelecki Track when my mate did 2 tyres in just 20 mins, with sharp rocks pushed straight through the tread. No guessing they weren’t Coopers!


But there’s not just hard and sharp rocks to contend with as the track surface changes constantly – an endless mix of sand, bull-dust, gravel and mud. It takes a true all terrain tyre to excel on any road surface and the new ST Maxx does it with absolute ease and steering precision.


On any outback trip having the right equipment is critical, especially when it comes to tyres. With four kids and all the gear on board plus an off-road camper in tow there’s a lot of weight and precious cargo trusted to my tyres so I want the very best.