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Neil Roberts

I just can’t speak highly enough of my Coopers.

I've travelled to the Shark Bay Area including Dirk Hartog Island, Far North Queensland, Fraser Island, Snowy Mountains, The Kimberleys.... and lots of places in between!


On my current set of AT3's, I have clocked about 55,000 kms and they still look and perform great. On previous sets of ATs and ST Maxx, I clocked around 90-100,000 kms of similarly rough terrain on each set.


Currently driving on AT3's. They are just the perfect tyre for my type of driving. The fourby is my daily driver as well as my ‘getaway’ car. I do a mix of sand, dirt road and mud and the AT3s have the flexibility to give me the right amount of traction across the various terrains as well as the black top.


Well, Cooper tyres must be good... because I’m on my third set (across a few different fourbies that I’ve owned) and haven’t even considered another brand. I also chose the AT3s for my camper trailer! I’ve driven all sorts of terrains and have never had a problem.... in fact, not even a single puncture! I am pretty meticulous when it comes to correct tyre pressures and my Coopers allow me to change up or down in complete confidence.


I guess one stand-out example that supports my view of Cooper tyres is when I crossed the Tanami and then travelled the Gibb River Rd. Every other vehicle we travelled with got punctures. One vehicle in fact, used up the two spares, plus two spares from another vehicle (and those tyres were from a well regarded/popular manufacturer). I just can’t speak highly enough of my Coopers.