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Luke Wilson

The tyres have never let me down.

Well it’s been just over 6 months now since I have had the Cooper A/T3 tyres fitted to my Ford Escape. In this time driving over just about every surface imaginable I have not had a single puncture, cut tyre, lost any chunks out of my tyres, noise on sealed surfaces is an absolute minimal for a tyre with so much tread.

I’ve been so impressed with the amount of traction the A/T3 have provided in all of the different scenarios they have been in. If it’s travelling along any 4wd track whether it be dirt, mud, sand or sharp rocks The tyres have never let me down. Not a single puncture, damage to the side wall or any part of the tyre for that matter.

As I like to take the kids with me on my fishing adventures they give me that little extra peace of mind that I know we are not going to find ourselves let down by our tyres. Considering our tyres are the only thing between our vehicle and the ground I want to be sure I’ve got the best tyres I can possibly have and that’s why I choose Cooper Tires for my 4wd.