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John Haenke

They are without a shadow of a doubt the toughest and most reliable tyres I have used, I am thoroughly impressed

Fishing can be tough. Getting good fishing footage can be even tougher. Getting to out of the way fishing locations requires a good reliable 4 WD and very tough tires.

We travel extensively getting the fishing footage that we need for The Fishing DVD. We spend long days on highways getting to locations, and then traverse any terrain from sandy beaches launching the boats, sharp rocky inclines getting to the upper reaches of remote streams to the ubiquitous boggy mud. We need a tire that can perform comfortably on the highway, but can be relied on to get us in and out of a myriad of difficult terrains. Our livelihood and safety travels on 4 tires.

Having heard from reliable and trustworthy friends in the 4Wheel Driving industry that they recommended Coopers Tires, I thought I would give them a go – I wasn’t overly happy with the previous tires I had been using, I was not getting the mileage and wear that I had expected. I put Coopers Tires Discoverers A/T3 on the 4WD, and haven’t looked back.

The Discoverers A/T3’s are 10ply with stronger belts and thicker cords in the sidewall so I was confident that they would outperform and outlast any of my previous tires, and it has proven to be the case.

On the highway the tires provide a comfortable ride whilst remaining grippy, but it’s in some of the off road driving that I’m most impressed. Knowing that the tires are more strongly built allows me to take on terrain confidently that in the past I would have baulked at, or simply not risked. When shooting these DVDs I have to take into account that not only my safety is at stake, but also that of my crew. A tire problem could wreak havoc with the shoot and cost me big time in dollar terms and also in lost time, not to mention the safety of the crew in remote locations.


I have tested the tires getting to locations on a variety of terrain, maintaining traction launching and retrieving the boats at muddy, sandy and generally lousy boat ramps, and often where no ramp exists at all - they have not let me down. They are without a shadow of a doubt the toughest and most reliable tires I have used, I am thoroughly impressed. In future they will be my tire of choice. My business and our safety depends on them.