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Gwyn Morgan

To say that we are completely satisfied with our Coopers is an understatement

My wife and I have just returned to our home in Sydney after travelling through Central Australia to Cape Leveque and back. To say that we are completely satisfied with our Coopers is an understatement. 22,000 odd kilometres – half of which was on dirt/gravel with quite a bit off-road driving thrown in – with no punctures and only a few minor stone chips. Most of the time, I was running 22 PSI in the front and 28 PSI in the rears and the caravan. Handling and braking after ten minutes was superb. I should add we only got bogged in fine dry sand once and that was probably more driver error than the tyres. We did numerous rocky climbs and descents, river crossings and sandy tracks. Our tyres handled everything we asked of them. The most impressive thing I found from a driver’s perspective was the tyres’ grip. Once I knew what the Coopers were capable of handling, I was totally confident in embarking on side-trips that I would not have contemplated attempting on the Toyota supplied Dunlops.


One of the more talked about subjects between fellow travellers is tyre pressures and tyres. We ran into a few others on the S/TMAXXs – their experience was the same as ours (with one chap in Kununurra telling us his Coopers had now clocked up over 100,000 kilometres). From our perspective, we have found the S/TMAXXs to be superb and have been and will continue to recommending them to friends and fellow travellers.