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Darren Padgham

Just letting you know how impressed l am with my Cooper AT3’s

Bad feedback deserves to be told but GOOD feedback is also very important.

Just letting you know how impressed l have been with my Cooper AT3’s that l put on my Toyota HiLux 3 years ago. I have travelled extensively across many many corrugated and rough roads in that time and the AT3’s have performed without issue.


I put my tyre pressures up and down depending on the type of terrain and they haven’t missed a beat while l drive past many many other road users who have shredded and flat tyres with other brands.

Just wanted to let you know of how impressed l have been with the tyres as you do see some rather harsh feedback concerning Cooper tyres. I’d say any issues with the tyres would arise out of very wrong tyre pressures for the terrain.


I won’t be looking anywhere else when these tyres have to be changed but after 50,000k’s they are still looking great and have a fair life still to go.

Cheers Darren