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Darren Moore

These Cooper tyres give no roll, its like driving a 4WD go cart when cornering.

I have travelled to the Snowy Mountains area and NSW South Coast on my Coopers. I just bought a brand new full set 2 weeks ago of the Discoverer ST Maxx.


Bought em to 4WD travel round Australia.... Doing lots of dirt roads in Central Australia. 9 ply and rock ejector tread were big bonus points.


They're amazingly quiet on Highway/ freeway. When cornering at speed you can hear the chunky grip suck onto the road. Amazingly stiff sidewall has left my Delica Van with very little sideways lurch.


I have a highroof van with rooftop tent, so that weight up there increases the roll effect.... But these cooper tyres give no roll, its like driving a 4wd go cart when cornering.


Also on dirt roads, the ride is smoother and softer yet with more grip.

I totally love these tyres.

Heading off round Oz at end of school year, so lets see how many Kms I can get out of them!