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Ron & Viv Moon’s Favourite Places to Camp in Australia

Wondering where to go on your next adventure in your fourby? Remote-area guidebook writers and intrepid 4WD travellers Ron and Viv Moon share their favourite camping spots in our big backyard.


In our four wheel drive wanderings over the last 30 years around Australia for the books and articles we write, there's a lot of places we like returning too, so I guess they fall into, 'our best places' to camp.



In South Australia we love the Flinders Ranges, those magnificent desert mountains that rear up from the plains that surround them in such a dynamic fashion. Warren Gorge just out of Quorn has been a favourite since Ron was a kid chasing rabbits through the hills, while Arkaroola, in the far north of the Flinders is one place we love going back too. If a coastal holiday is more your style then Pondalowie Bay in Innes NP at the 'toe' of Yorke Peninsula takes a lot of beating.


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Having been a defacto Victorian for a while now, we know the mountains, desert and coast of that state pretty well, but still our favourite haunt is the Davies High Plains in the Victorian Alps. We first went there in the early 1970's and while there's a few more people wandering the high country these days this place is magic. A bit closer to home are the valleys around Dargo...and they take a lot of beating for camping and four wheel driving!


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Just over the border in NSW is that state's favourite spot as far as we are concerned. You can approach the Bendethera Valley in the Deua NP by a number of routes but none are as challenging as from the west. Once you get to the bottom of the steep hills that guard this place and wander along the verdant valley floor, you'll be planning to come back for more.


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We've done so many trips to Cape York, (last count, somewhere around 40!) on that criteria alone, it has to rank right up there with our favourite place in Australia. Dotted across that great finder of land there are a host of sites we love, but the coast around the sweep of beach at Bathurst Bay takes a bit of beating. North of the Jardine River, near the very Top of Australia, the beach camp at Muttee Heads has long been a favourite.


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Wandering the backroads of the NT we have lots of camps tucked away that we look for when travelling that way once more. In Gregory NP while travelling the Humbert Track we love camping on the Humbert River, while further south and west of Alice Springs, Boggy Hole on the Finke River takes some beating as a place to get to and enjoy the remoteness.


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WA is such a gigantic state and has so many great spots to enjoy we feel a bit overwhelmed. In the Kimberley we enjoy pitching the tent on the remote crossing of the Calder River while heading out to Walcott Inlet. Further south, and if a coastal holiday is your thing, the stretch of coast along Cape Range and the Ningaloo Reef has been a favourite since Ron dipped his toes in the azure waters over 45 years ago.


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From the largest state to the smallest, Tassie packs a big punch when it comes to four wheel drive touring and camping. Still I reckon tucked up amongst the tea-tree at Sandy Cape on the wild West Coast would be one of the best wilderness experiences you can have anywhere.


Now where will we go this year? Who knows...there's plenty to choose from!


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