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Hello and Welcome to Cooper Tires NZ

I’m here to help you choose the best tyre for your vehicle.

For starters, you can find the right tyres for your vehicle by using the tyre finder above. It can be used by vehicle if you are looking to replace the tyres that originally came with the vehicle, or by tyre size if you are looking for an upsize tyre.

Whatever you drive, a 4x4, an SUV or a Car, what you really need to look for in tyres is long term value.

For maximum value in 4WD tyres, go for tyres with deeper treads which will give you better grip and more mileage.

For maximum value in SUV/Car tyres, go for tyres with high treadwear and traction ratings, the higher the ratings the longer the tyre is rated to last and the better it would perform in the wet.

If you need further assistance choosing, give me a call on 0800 383 695

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